When I Make It To Moab

Volume I : Chapter X

Utah is as beautiful as she is terrifying. The weather here can change in an instant and we saw extreme demonstrations of this on our way to Moab. This storm rolled in heavy and dark and it struck down as if the earth was a metal plate in a microwave. Lightning flashes were coming down faster than we could count and the thunder was shaking the car and earth below. The sky roared and the ground shook in response. We had to pull over and just watch for a while even though that was probably the worst thing we could do in that situation. We ended up running through this field and you could feel the electricity in the air, hair standing up on end, huge flashes of blinding light in your path and the ground shaking at your feet. The air was electric, our pulses racing. There's this line in a song I love, "I hope when I die I feel this alive".  Yeah, it was exactly like that.

Pro Tip: 
While Arches National Park is undoubtedly beautiful, in peak season it can feel a bit like the Disneyland of National Parks. You can only stop at designated parking lots where you basically have to take the same photo as every other jackass with a selfie stick. Getting away from the crowds requires a pretty serious hike and it's really really hot there. We like to drive about 30 mins south of Moab, where there is an arch that falls just outside of the park's boundaries. It's just as beautiful but it somehow didn't make the cut. You can drive right up to it and then climb it, jump around, put your filthy hands and feet all over it. It's kinda like a secret but we wanted to share.

Words by: Kyla Trethewey


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