Tinker Texas

Volume II :  Chapter IX

Tinker Street is more of a family than agency so a reunion made sense. We were so excited to see everyone; we had been on the road again just the two of us for a bit driving from Florida to Louisiana for the rodeo at Angola.  We all converged in Tehuacana, Texas; a small town with a population of 284 people (and one very cute miniature pony).

It wasn’t close to much and there wasn’t much there; we had the run of the place. Best-case scenario. We slept in the dorms adjacent to the abandoned trinity university campus that closed in 1902. It sort of felt like a haunted summer camp (so much so that we even made a horror movie.

I love when photographers gather like this, especially this group. Set us all loose in the same room and you won’t see the same image twice. I loved watching everyone interpret the space, interacting with one another, making art in their own unique way.  I loved getting to know everyone better, relating in ways that we can’t with a lot of other people. We’re lucky to get to do what we do but it presents its own challenges. To have an entire group that understood what we were feeling was an incredible gift. 

We were also lucky enough to have head wrangler Jesse Miller with us too. He can be a hard guy to pin down but he made his way down from the mountains (thanks Jesse) to hang out. We’re really grateful for Tinker Street, not just for the work it allows is to create but for the friends we have made through it. This weekend was a perfect reminder of what this group can do together. We love you all (and your dogs).


PS- If you wanted to see what everyone else was doing you can check the #tinkertx tag on Instagram.