Moonpies for Misfits

After almost four months of living in an attic and working on the trailer every. single. day. it was time for us to get back on the road. We still don't have much of a plan for where we want to go this year (aside from everywhere) but we knew we had to head south so we could pick up our stuff (everything that didn't fit in our suitcases when we flew home after the accident was in a closet in Southern California).

We took out our road atlas and looked at all the different ways we could avoid driving the I-5 the whole way down and decided on heading east towards the Alvord Desert in Oregon. The first place we ever went together was the Salt Flats in Utah, that was the trip that started it all. So for our first stop back on the road after the accident it seemed appropriate to find the most vast empty space within the pacific northwest and hunker down for a few days, and for the full moon no less! Although taking Billy off-roading on her first day probably wasn't the best idea, it was well worth it. Every so often we come across places like this, that barely anyone knows about, and we can't grasp how it's possible. It felt like we were on the moon and the price of admission was free.