Meet Billy

After what seemed like a never ending search, we finally found a trailer that was both in our budget and not a (total) piece of garbage. Meet Billy the Kit, our new 1969 Kit Companion! 

We bought Billy from Leslie and Lew, the same craigslist couple who sold us Bobby-Jean (RIP) 3 years ago. This was awesome, because we could trust them not to rip us off and because they are patient enough to let us pay in instalments. Leslie and Lew restore vintage trailers for a living, so we made a deal on how much of the work we wanted done before we took over. We had Lew seal up all the leaks, and replace the water damaged wood. This thing is almost 50 years old, so a few leaks are inevitable. Considering its age and the fact that it came from Northern BC, it was actually in pretty good shape - no dry rot or mold. We decided we wanted to do all of the aesthetic stuff ourselves. It's (hopefully) within our skill set, going to save us a bunch of money and means we get to choose exactly how everything ends up looking.

Once we got it home and started looking at it, we realized that we wanted to change almost everything. This thing is UGLY. The exterior is faded, dented and a pretty terrible color. The interior is a time capsule from the year 1969, with a few failed DIY projects from over the years sprinkled in. Everything is dirty, stained, faded, torn or just plain dated. 

It's not all bad though. The layout is perfect - just like Bobby Jean's, but with a few extra feet on each side. A couch at the back that folds into one bed, and a dinette at the front that folds into another bed.  

There's a ton of storage; a full sized closet, loads of cabinets, and all of the seating is hiding huge bins underneath. 

The appliances work, and they are actually a super cute mustard yellow color! The light above the sink is an amazing vintage copper and milk glass fixture that we have fallen in love with. 

We got a whole bunch of work ahead of us, but we're stoked. Stay tuned! 


Thanks to everyone that made this a possibility, especially The Passport Express Crew, Jesse Miller, Patrick W, Lisa W, Marie F, Riley M, Arlin F, Caitlin F, Heather L, Bryan B, Marina L, Zach R, Adrian R, Dan C, Winnie K, Rachel B, Julie D, Cubby G, David M, Renee S, Moneal, Joshua H, Lauren R, Christina H, Gary C, Ben S and Sam H. We love you all and couldn't do this without you.