El Cielo Es Azul

Volume II : Chapter X
Five things to do in Belize and Nicaragua

1. Yoli's Bar, Placencia, Belize
Yoli and Regan are the best hosts. Their bar is an open-air palapa hut over the water with ample boat parking. We spent days just sitting on the end of the dock, manatee spotting and drinking Belikins. We are entirely biased here, Kyla's aunt and uncle own this bar and we stay with them when we come to Placencia. That being said, we’ve sent a few people their way now and have received several red faced, glassy eyed selfies in return. On Sundays Yoli BBQs and you won’t find a better meal.

Hot tip; rum is cheaper than juice so watch yourself, they pour heavy.

2. Caye Caulker Animal Shelter, Caye Caulker, Belize
Caye Caulker is a little party island off the mainland. If you’re looking for a more traditional beach vacation with other tourists this is best-case scenario. It’s small and there are no cars, only golf carts. We stayed here for a few days and were so excited when we heard about the local animal shelter. Ever go on vacation and just really miss your dog, even the one you don’t have? Well, problem solved. Every day we went by the shelter and picked up a dog each that needed to be walked. We got to take them around, throw coconuts into the water for them and had ourselves little buddies for the day. They adopt out the animals too so maybe you’ll find your buddy for life here.

3. Maderas Village, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
If this were a cult, we’d join. We’ve never stayed anywhere like this before; half hotel, half artist collective, full time party. It’s perfectly located outside of San Juan del Sur and up on a hill just up from a beautiful beach. The accommodations are stunning and you can’t help but make friends with all the impossibly beautiful and kind people that keep this place going.

4. Granada, Nicaragua
Granada is pure color and sound. We loved it here; we closed down a karaoke bar and became obsessed with finding the most colorful doorways in the city. It’s a really great walking city and if you’re as easily entertained as we are, you’ll be set just wandering around.

5. Masaya, Nicaragua
Not far from Granada, Masaya is an easy trip. We spent a day combing through the insane, sprawling market. Not entirely catering to tourists, the market has everything you need. There are souvenirs, yes, but also great food and everything in between. If you make it this far make sure you run up to Lake Apoyo and jump head first into an (inactive) volcano.


(For a more thorough list of things to do in Nicaragua, check out what El Camino has put together. This isn’t a plug, this company is run by one of our best friends and we love what she has put together for travellers.)